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Photo Collection of Krakow, Poland
Photo Collection of Rome, Italy
Photo Collection of Prague, Czech Republic
NB Remark:
After several months of painstaking research into aviation routes over Europe, we finally settled on a pan European adventure that would see us visit Poland, Italy and Czech Republic. Despite our best planned efforts though, the airlines did their best to disrupt our best made plans. Correction, one airline "smart Wings", which bailed on us 2 weeks before we flew, leaving us to find an alternative route from Rome to Prague. More on this later, under the section “Danny's Rants with Johnny F”

NB Remark: Certain viewers/readers may not be
fully integrated for knowledge of this type. We
recommend you increase your memory capacity.
NB Remark: Certain viewers/readers may not be
fully integrated for knowledge of this type. We
recommend you increase your memory capacity.
NB Remark: Certain viewers/readers may not be
fully integrated for knowledge of this type. We
recommend you increase your memory capacity.
NB Remark:
This was most of our second visit to Poland, however it was the turn of Clare to turn the shade of pale I had demonstrated 6 months earlier. Krakow is the second largest city in Poland and situated in the south near the Czech & Slovak borders. These dayas it fast becoming a new stag destination, but still attracts many visitors to see the World famous Salt Mines, Town Square and the infamous Auschwitz Concentration Camp, some 55km away.

NB Remark:
All roads lead to Rome, and this was never truer. Although obviously we flew! That said there were so many flights to Rome, it was too good an opportunity to miss. With over tow thousand years of history, Rome is everything you expect and more. Even for the camera shy, Rome is a city to make you go "snap happy".

NB Remark:
In Poland we met Poles, In Italy we met Romans and in Prague we met tourists! Prague is a beautiful Bohemian city but arguably be best viewed without the droves of tourists from all over the globe. Luck did go our way in Prague though, as our pre booked apartment was out of use, so they placed us in a better location in heart of the "lesser Town". Bonus

Travelling from East Midlands to Krakow
Travelling to Kraków
NB Remark: Ryanair were once again called upon. Haz, did his best to raise spirits proclaiming a recent headline " A disaster waiting to happen".
Wawel Castle, Kraków
Wawel Castle, Kraków
NB Remark: Wavel Castle can be seen from most directions in Krakow and looks every part, the continental medieval castle.
Birkenau Concentration Camp
Birkenau Concentration Camp
NB Remark: Its very difficult to express a what you feel at a Concentration Camp let alone one, where over 1 million people perished.
Krakow Town Square
Kraków Town Square
NB Remark: Krakow has the largest medieval town square in Europe, with the Cloth Hall (pictured) the centre point.
Salt Mines, Kraków
Salt Mines, Kraków
NB Remark: Wieliczka Salt Mine near Krakow, a Wolrd Heritage site, provided us with an afternoons cover from the rain.
Hotel System Krakow
Accommodation in Kraków
NB Remark: Once again we stopped with the Polish "Hotel System". Only £16 a night with free internet and swimming pool.
Nightlife in Krakow
Nightlife in Kraków
NB Remark: As always Messes Tench, Harris and Allen did their best for Anglo-Polish relations by being told to go home by the Riot Police!
Auschwitz Concentration Camp
Auschwitz Concentration Camp
NB Remark: Certain viewers/readers may not be
fully integrated for knowledge of this type. We
recommend you increase your memory capacity.
Kraków in closer detail
Kraków in closer detail
NB Remark: Plenty of Eastern European graphiks and properganda on show. This was found in the Jewish town, Kazimierz.
About Krakow, Poland
Airline: Ryanair
Departure: Nottingham East Midlands (EMA)
Arrival: John Paul II - Kraków Balice (KRK)
Cost: £41.50
Price per Mile : 7p
Distance: 929 Miles
Saturday: High: 9 Low: 4 / Sleet & Rain
Sunday: High: 6 Low: 2 / Cloud
Monday: High: 9 Low: -4 / Haze
Tuesday: High: 15 Low: 2 / Sunny
Travelling from Krakow to Rome
Travelling to Rome
Remark: The second leg of the trip saw Wayne depart back home, while the remaining four climbed aboard a Central Wings flight to Rome.
The Roman Forum
The Roman Forum
Remark: The Roman Forum as you might expect was very impressive. Although our whistle stop tour didn't leave us much time to look around.
Rome, Trevi Fountain
The Trevi Fountain, Rome
Remark: The only problem with the Trevi Fountain was the sheer volume of tourists and salesman, at all hours of the day and night.
Rome Coliseum
Rome Coliseum
Remark: Easily one of the most impressive buildings your ever likely to see. Two thousand years of history under your feet.
Rome Nightlife
Nightlife in Rome
Remark: Rome's nightlife involved long evening meals and red wine, rather than the usual copious amounts of beer in a club.
Rome, Views & Attractions
Attractions in Rome
Remark: I can think of fewer capital cities in the world that boast the amount of things to see and do. Pictured, the Vittorio Emanuele Monument.
Roman Policeman
Rome in detail
Remark: A city like Rome doesn't disappoint the eye with detail on every street corner. Even Tony starting taking photos!
Rome Pantheon
The Roman Pantheon
Remark: Slightly newer than the Coliseum, the Pantheon still oozes history and creates the perfect Italian looking Piazza Square.
Vatican City, Rome
Remark: Another new country to add to the list! In fact its the only country I've ever walked around. Quite literally, we trailed the Vatican's walls!
About Krakow, Poland
Airline: Central Wings
Departure: John Paul II - Kraków Balice (KRK)
Arrival: Rome Ciampino (CIA)
Cost: £25.00
Price per Mile : 3.7p
Distance: 669 Miles
Tuesday: High: 18 Low: 9 / Haze
Wednesday: High: 15 Low: 10 / Cloud
Thursday: High: 15 Low: 8 / Haze
Friday: High: 19 Low: 6 / Sunny
Travelling to Prague from Rome
Travelling to Prague
Remark: After little over 69 hours we were back on way. This time SkyEurope flew us back to Northern Europe and the Czech Republic.
Charles Bridge, Prague
Remark: Exactly as i remember it, full of tourists and traders. One of the most famous landmarks in Prague and major thoroughfare.
Prague Old Square
Old Town Square, Prague
Remark: The Old Town Square is very German in style, with a Czech Bohemian twist. Much more impressive than the Wenceslas Square.
Prague Apartment
Prague Accommodation
Remark: Our original apartment wasn't available but "Prague Holidays", provided us with a better pad in a great location by the foot of the Castle.
Prague in detail
Remark: We actually dined at this Restaurant on the Saturday Night. Located in the Lesser town, the Devils Restaurant also provided great grub!
Views of Prague
Views of Prague
Remark: The numerous towers around Prague provide ample opportunities to the view the city skyline. Pictured, the Old Square.
Prague Castle
Remark: On a bitterley cold day we climbed the hill to reach Prague Castle and the home to the Czech Royal Family.
Nightlife in Prague
Nightlife in Prague
Remark: Nightlife in Prague is quite varied, a best reflected in the price of beer. Prices ranged from 75p to almost £3.50 plus service charges!
Waiting to go Home!
Leaving Prague
Remark: Not sure why Clare was looking so pleased to be going home? After 9 days away, we were finally heading home, older and wiser.
About Krakow, Poland
Airline: SkyEurope
Departure: Fiumicino International (FCO)
Arrival: Ruzyně International Prague (PRG)
Cost: £78.00
Price per Mile : 13.4p
Distance: 581 Miles
Friday: High: 11 Low: 1 / Cloud
Saturday: High: 7 Low: 1 / Light Rain
Sunday: High: 12 Low: -1 / Sunny
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