My Holiday Photo Blog / Springbreak 2007
Travelling to Rome
Remark: Took this for legal reasons! No idea what what we were eating but it was like a scotch egg but with sausage and lot of salad!
Travelling to Rome
Remark: Our first glimpse of a sunny looking Italia. Shortly before landing at Rome Ciampino airport, situated to the south of the city.
Travelling to Rome
Remark: A quick picture of our Central Wings aircaft. A bargain at 25 quid from Krakow. Good service and cheap onboard food!
About Rome, Italy
Travelling to Rome from Krakow
Clare decided to spend the final morning in Poland in bed a catch up some much needed sleep, while the rest of us went into Krakow for a final time. With sun out for the first time while we'd been in Krakow, I took the opportunity to take some photos in the sun, while Tony, Haz and Wayne dashed to McDonalds. We said a tearful goodbye to Mr Tench, and wished him all the best. (or something near that!). We packed up and headed back to the airport and joined the Central Wings queue to Rome. With barely a Zloty to my name it was just as well we were moving on. There weren’t many other English on board the flight, if any, but its time's like this I really appreciate English as the international language! The flight went quickly and before we knew it, we landed in the early evening Rome sunshine. Next problem, how to get to the hotel . . .

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