My Holiday Photo Blog / Springbreak 2007
Kraków Nightlife
1: Wayne pinching Tones arse
Wayne doing some sort of march?

Another Povey 4: John Scales lookalike
Pawnica Pod Zlota Pipa Pub
Remark: A very sophisticated looking Mr Onslow with Blunt. Both obviously gripped by Orville's conversation at the time.
The Povey Pose
Remark: I believe this is known as the "Povy Pose". For a full definition its best to ask Haz, Wyne or Tony!
Polish Food & Drink
1: Tyskie Beer
Sausage & Sour crout

Polish Style Garlic Butter
Sunday Evening Meal
1: Pawnica Pod Zlota Pipa Pub
Sunday Evening Reflections

General view of the Pod Zlota
Polish Karaoke
1: "I wish I could fly"
Dan looks on in awe

Wayne & Haz share a colourful joke
About Krakow, Poland
Nightlife in Kraków:
After being diagnosed with a bad case of Johnny F disease on the Saturday night, Myself and Clare retired early and were back at the hotel by 1.00am. Rightly so, the lads were going to make the most of the first night and went on a beer fuelled frenzy round Krakow’s underground bars. So much so they have trouble recalling every establishment they visited! They did remember being told to "go home" by the Polish riot police! They took heed of the advice and far another bar, before finally rolling in at 4.00am. Full of beans the next morning, it took me several attempts at knocking the door before finally awaking one of them At which point I wished i hadn’t. I was greeted by mumbled cursing, a bad smell and a bare arse. Say no more. Myself and Clare beat a hasty retreat and headed into town. The remaining nights were a lot more subdued with the highlight being Tony, sing "I wish I could fly" at a Polish Karaoke. I lye, it was "charmless man", but it would have been funny. Went down with the locals well enough though!
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