My Holiday Photo Blog / Springbreak 2007
Breakfast at East Midlands Airport
Remark: On our way, Finally arrived at East Midlands. Tony started as he meant to go on! A quick pick me up for breakfast.
Hotel System, Kraków
Remark: Kraków finest. The Hotel System was once again very goog. Free internet and even live Premiership football games.
Remark: The 09.35 flight to Krakow from East Midlands. A fair mix of English (mainly yorkshireman) and Polish passengers aboard.
Hotel System, Kraków
Remark: More of the same, Clare's and Dan's room. The first one that is! Before we were moved across the corridor.
On the way to the Hotel
Remark: The Hotel System was situated about 4 or 5 km north of the town square. A typical Polish suburban scene.
View from Hotel System, Kraków
A fine view of Downtown Krakow from our hotel room. The town Centre is on the horizon.
About Krakow, Poland
Travelling to in Kraków:
"An accident waiting to happen". Haz's cheerful brand of optimism before boarding our Ryanair flight to Krakow. Although he was quoting a recent newspaper headline about the airline carrier, he could quite equally have been describing our forthcoming holiday. Despite the meticulous planning involved, things invariably and usually go wrong. We waved goodbye to sunny England and landed in rainy Krakow . Clare resembled me (re: Poznan ) in many ways when we first landed. The colour had trained from her face, and the question "what I'm doing here was surely dancing around her head". An obliging taxi driver / salesman offered us a lift to our hotel for a mere £3 each, so we took up his advance and headed off to the Hotel System Krakow.

Like Poznan, the Hotel System was very once again. Modern, clean, free internet and coffee, etc. Once again though, it was situated out the outskirts of town and needed a 15 min taxi drive into the town centre. Although the taxi rides were a couple quid each, it soon mounted up when the trip was made several times a day. Likewise, taxis had to be constantly ordered which took up more time. The journeys were always a joy though. A combination of Polish radio, driving and lack of English always made an entertaining trip! The weirdest thing to happen at the hotel was on the Monday, when we myself and Clare found ourselves locked out of our room. Reception reliably informed the card swipe had stopped working and had moved us to another room. "What about the luggage" I fearfully asked? "No need to worry we moved it as well". Sure enough though, when we entered the room, they had quite literally placed everything the way we had left it in the previous room. Very surreal!

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