My Holiday Photo Blog / Springbreak 2007
Leaving Prague
Remark: Somehow Clare's suitcase got lighter as the holiday went on, where as my poor little paddington case got heavier. Connection ?
Leaving Prague
Remark: I think this is my favorite photo from the whole trip! Epitomises how we felt and looked. Mr Mad meets Mr Vacant!
Leaving Prague
Remark: Yes i really was that happy! A clsoe up the face can be seen in the People section. I think thats whats known as the Johhny F face.
Leaving Prague
Remark: Not really sure why Clare was looking so happy to be going home. Maybe a week away with us had finally sent her tonto?
Leaving Prague in Kraków
Talking of faces, its hard to beat this one. If only that cold baltci wind had changed . . .
Leaving Prague
Last photograph of the holiday, you'll be pleased to here!
About Prague, Czech Republic
The Last Waltz:
I never like last days anywhere, especially when you’ve got to carry around all your belongings, because you’ve handed in your keys. That said, the Sunday was a nice warm day in Prague and ideal for strolling around. As usual Tony and I bought local cheap replica footy tops. This time it was Sparta Prague’s turn at £7.90! After the souvenir shopping had be done and no wanted to climb any more towers to get a view, thoughts turned to home as we made tracks back to "Prague Holidays". Despite arriving in good time at the airport, we ended up waiting at the only board which didn’t show our boarding gate. The result being we ended up at the back of the queue. Well, Tony didnt as he pushed in and said bollocks to one all! Sub note: Prague airport is poorly designed and slow! Passport control took ages and they scan your bags just before you enter the aircraft, so watch out if you have a drink on you!

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