Deutschland / Polska / Berlin / Poznan / Oktoberfest / Adlertour
Important Information:
Tour Info
RyanAir Plane awaiting at Stanstead Airport
Berlin Schonefeld Flughafen
Bahn Berlin Map
River Spree
Eagle on Bridge
Building work over Berlin
Brandenburg Gate Statue
Eagle Detail
Brandenburg Gate
DDR Flag
Checkpoint Charlie
US Gaurd
Soviet Gaurd
You are now leaving . . .
Topographie des Terrors
Potsdamer Platz
Holocaust Mahnmal
Holocaust Mahnmal with Haz & Tony
Doner Kebab time
Tony & Haz relax over a quick sherbert
Wayne, Tony, Danny in front of the Gate at night
Reichstag at Night
Potsdamer Platz
Bus Stop Detail
The Dom
Boats on the River Spree
Sachsenhausen Entrance
Sachsenhausen Camp Gaurdhouse
"Work brings freedom"
(Speaks for itself)
Little Prison
Guard House
Execution Pit
Tower of Nations
Woods near Sachsenhausen  Camp
Tony looking unimpressed with his ice cream
Oranienburger Station
Haz & Wayne make new friends at Qdorf Club
Three likely lads
Qdorf continued
Haz & Wayne relax over a quiet drink
Tony showing his cool
Near Zoologischer Garten
Berlins Mascot
A rare panda
Cool as a polar bears toenails
The Olympic Stadium
Hertha Fanatics
The Away end
Scoreline: Hertha Berlin 2 Monchengladbach 1
Final Whistle
. . . just to say we were there!
A sight for sore eyes!
S Bahn
Soviet Statue
Victory Statue
Gary the Gibbon
You can cross now
Where once there was a wall . . .
The Dom, Fernsehturm, and the dismantled Palace of the Republik
Trying on a our new hats
(Yep, that would be then)
Mr Tench, with a watchfull bartender
Mr Tench meats Mr Castro
More cranes near then Zoo Hof
Welcome to Poznan
Polands 3 star finest hotel
A collection of objects
The Parish Church
Fountain Square
Freedom Square
Another Polish Statue
Polish Trams
Near Wilhelm II Castle
Polish Eagle
Polish Skyline
A Polish Library
Bamberka's Well
Laterns in the square
The Arsenal
One Banana & Chocolate Pancake
The Town Hall
Stary Rynek
3 Star System Hotel, Winogrady, Poznan
Last night at a polish "disco"
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