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We have produced books about Kingsbury’s history, the local schools, the parish church and the Colliery and have recently published ‘The Story of Kingsbury’ which charts the history of the community from prehistoric times until the present day. 

Some of the earlier publications are now out of print but it is still possible to photocopy them at local rates. Details of all books can be seen below.

If you would like to purchase any of the books or make enquiries, please contact Carole Haines at:

92 Sycamore Road, Kingsbury, Tamworth, Staffs, B78 2JL

or email ~

Please note - price does not include postage + packing.

Kingsbury History Society Publications to date:

Around Kingsbury

Published : 1984, reprinted1985 & revised 1986

Description: A brief history of until the present day.

Out of print

History of Kingsbury School

Published : June 1986

Description:  A history of Kingsbury School from 1686 to 1986 written to mark the 300th Anniversary of Thomas Coton's School.

Out of print

Kingsbury Rail

Co-Published  : July 1989

Description : A history of the Birmingham & Derby Railway from 1839 to the closure of Kingsbury station in 1968. 

Price: £1.00

Historical Rambles 

Published 1991: 

Description: Five guided walks with maps around the parish of Kingsbury. The text gives information of historical interest about many of the buildings and is ideal for  'armchair' walkers as well as the more active ones.

Out of print

Kingsbury Remembered

Published : 1992

Description: A photographic collection with captions of Kingsbury and the parish during the past hundred years. 

Out of print

The Parish Church

Published 1987; Revised 1997

Description: A guided walk around the interior and exterior of the church detailing  points of specific interest.

Price: £1.00

A History of Kingsbury Colliery

Published: 1999

Description: A history of Kingsbury Colliery and local mining from the 17th century until closure of the mine in 1968.

Out of print

The Story of Kingsbury

Published: Sept. 2001

Description: A more detailed history of Kingsbury and the locality during the past 2000 years. It will take the reader on a journey through time from the Iron Age to the 21st century. This publication is intended as an update for the 'Around Kingsbury' book.

Out of print

Kingsbury, A Stroll through Our Village DVD

Produced: December 2005

Description: Take a look at the houses and people who have helped shape the village's rich and colourful past.

Running time approximately 75 mins

Price: £7.99

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