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Fri April 4th - Fri 11th 2008
Brimingham to Bratislava [SkyEurope]
Bratislava to Vienna [Twin City Liner]
Vienna to Budapest [OBB Express]
Budapest to East Midlands [Ryanair]

It was time for another trip behind the old Iron Curtain
into the new and emerging world of Eastern Europe.

Except our destination this time would much rather be
considered as "Central European" rather than Eastern.
Three new countries and three new capital cities awaited
us. Slovakia, the fledgling new nation that has finally
emerged out of the shadows of various empires and countries
was our first stop. From there we were to go up stream to
Vienna, home to the Hapsburgs and the Third Man before
finally making our way down into Hungary and the pearl of the
Danube, Budapest.

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