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  Elford Cricket Club Players
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Elford 1st XI 2012

Standing from left to right;
Danny Haines, Chris Browne, Rob Collett, Paul Baldwin (Captain) Steve Prichard, Malcolm MacDonald, Neil Robinson, Paul Jones
Front Row; Lenny Allsopp, Alan Giles, Martin Sperrink
Elford 1st XI 2007
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Standing from left to right;
Ed Collett, Danny Haines, Malcolm MacDonald, Tony Allen, Rob Bostock, Danny Hackett, Paul Bozward, Gaz Allen
Seated; Ant Wright, Simon Smith (Captain), Rich Collett
Elford 1st XI 2006 -
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Standing from left to right;
Danny Haines, Tony Allen, Rob Collett, Danny Hackett, Ant Wright, Dillon Weller (captain), Sam Griffiths, Ed Collett
Seated; Jimmy Edger, Rich Collett, Simon Smith, Malcolm MacDonald