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New Updates for 2011...
Name URL Category Notes
Australian IN Front http://www.australianinfront.com.au Design Portal A collaborative project space and launch pad for Australia's best online designers
Atypyk http://www.atypyk.com/ Design Ideas Store Great Design Concepts and Ideas
AND http://www.adriannewell.co.uk/ Graphic Design Portfolio AND is Adrian Newell
Aim http://www.aimizm.com Graphic Design Portfolio Gary Swindell Branding Portfolio  NEW  
Aalex http://www.aalex.info/ Graphic Design Portfolio Online Portfolio
Alastair Leith http://www.al-leith.co.uk/ Graphic Design Portfolio Online Portfolio  NEW  
Andrew Reifman http://www.andrewreifman.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio Graphic Designer from Washington DC  NEW  
Atelier Mohr http://www.ateliermohr.com/ Berlin Graphic Design Beautiful! NeuBau Berlin Built
Asger Carlsen http://www.asgercarlsen.com/ Photography Portfolio
Artwork Love http://www.artworklove.com Graphic Design Agency Anglo French Design / Strong CSS  NEW  
Arthur Mount http://www.arthurmount.com Illustration Portfolio / CV
Area17 http://www.area17.com/ Graphic Design Agency Interactive Design Agency
Amateur Provokateur http://www.amateurprovokateur.com/ Graphic Design See also http://www.unit-studio.com/
Andrew Townsend http://www.andrew-townsend.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio see Un.titled
Ampersanderson http://www.ampersanderson.com Graphic Design Portfolio Portfolio of Matthew Anderson  NEW  
A Practise for everyday Life http://apracticeforeverydaylife.com Graphic Design Agency Side Scroll
Ash Spurr http://www.ashspurr.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio Former TDR designer
Ads of the World http://adsoftheworld.com Large Ad Directory Lots of advertising to see and view!
Aint No Disco http://www.aintnodisco.com Design Studio Photos of Design Agencies
Accept & Proceed http://www.acceptandproceed.com/ Design Site Nice use of photography
Websites as Graphs http://www.aharef.info/static . . . Script Websites as Graphs
a2swhk http://www.a2swhk.co.uk/ Graphic Design Studio Large scale Images
Almost Modern http://www.almostmodern.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio Design Duo (Jorn de Vries & Markus Rummens) from Rotterdam, Netherlands
Adam Morris http://www.adammorrisdesign.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio Portfolio of graduate, Adam Morris
Antrepo http://www.antrepo4.com/ Graphic Design Blog Blog & design Shop
James Greig http://www.avdisco.net/ Graphic Design Blog James Greig
Atelier 1A http://atelier1a.com/ Grafik Design Design from Germany
Alan Clark http://www.alanclarkegraphics.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio London Underground Posters - DIN
Another Company http://www.anothercompany.org/ Dutch Design The work of Jochim Baan  NEW  
Name URL Category Notes
Browns Design http://www.brownsdesign.com Graphic Design Agency Multi-discipline consultancy offers print and website design / London
Buro Destruct http://www.burodestruct.net Graphic Design Agency buro destruct graphic- and typographic-design on the world wide web.
Basit Khan http://www.basitkhan.com Graphic Designer Basit Khan is a graphic designer based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Bleed Design http://www.bleed.no Graphic Design Agency Bleed Designstudio - Trondheimsveien 2a, 0560 Oslo, Norway
Blanka http://www.blanka.co.uk Graphic Design Store Blanka is a collection of original, vintage and limited edition posters and prints
Bureau of Visual Affairs http://www.bureau-va.com Interactive Graphic Design Website Designers / Print Background
Banksy http://www.banksy.co.uk Graffiti Artist Portfolio Bristol Graffiti artist shows and explains some of his best work
Bow Wow London http://www.bowwowlondon.com Graphic Design Studio Design Agency in London & Tokyo founded by Mai Ikuzawa and Tetsu Ikuzawa.
Barber Osgerby http://www.barberosgerby.com/ Furniture Design Furniture Designers - Flash site
Blue Vertigo http://www.bluevertigo.com.ar/ Graphic Design Source More than 1.000 links: Fonts, Stock Photography, Photoshop Brushes, Vector Art
Bibliotheque Design http://www.bibliothequedesign.com/ Graphic Design Studio Bibliotheque Corporate identity Brand consultancy Printed literature
Brahm http://www.brahm.com/ Design Agency Print / Also own Swamp, Leeds
Big Active http://www.bigactive.com/ Graphic Design Studio Music Design Art & Direction
Bureau 347 http://bureau347.com/ Graphic Design Studio Brussel based design agency
Bionic Systems™ http://www.bionic-systems.com/ Digital Design German Digital Design
Bunton http://bunton.com.au/ Graphic Design Portfolio Australian Designer, Sean Bunton - Based in Brisbane  NEW  
Brainfuel http://www.brainfuel.tv/ Design Ezine Tornado Design
BVD http://www.bvd.se/ Design Agency Swedish Designers - H&M - Packaging
BlackSpade http://www.blackspade.co.nz/ Graphic Design Portfolio New Zealand based Freelance
Booreiland http://www.booreiland.nl Dutch Design Agency Nice use of Flash + HTML - Dutch & English
Banner Blog http://www.bannerblog.com.au/ Banner Directory Huge source of material
BANK™ http://www.bankassociates.de/ Graphic Design Studio German / English / Simple layout, expandable HTML
Boodas http://www.boodas.de/ Graphic Design Portfolio Online-Portfolio of Boris Schandert: Interesting Font
Bunch Design http://www.bunchdesign.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio Bunch is a design agency with studios in London, Zagreb and Singapore.
BC MH http://www.bcmh.co.uk/ Graphic Design Studio Simple Flash site using crisp photos of print work
Name URL Category Notes
Cartlidge Levene http://www.cartlidgelevene.co.uk Graphic Design Agency Flash Site // London // Print Work
Cuban Council http://www.cubancouncil.com Interactive Design Agency Cuban Council is a small interactive agency, Based San Francisco
Cyber Den http://www.cyberden.com/dsa/ Design Source The CyberDen Disk Sleeve Archive
Computerlove™ http://www.cpluv.com/ Graphic Design Portal CPLUV is a community of artists, designers & photographers
Caffine Hit http://www.caffeinehit.com/ Freelance Graphic Design portfolio of graphic and web designs for Freelancer based in London, England.
Code ComputerLove http://www.codecomputerlove.com/ Digital Agency Manchester based agency - Web based work - HM
Catalogtree http://www.catalogtree.net/ Graphic Design Studio Dutch Designers / Joris Maltha & Daniel Gross
Cherry Flava http://www.cherryflava.com/ Graphic Design Portal Great Design portal from South Africa
Coast Design http://www.coastdesign.be/ Belgium - Graphic Design Print work / Side Scroll
Checkland Kindleysides http://www.checklandkindleysides.com/ Design Consultants / Agency Leicester / London Design Agency  NEW  
Colourlovers http://www.colourlovers.com/ Colour Design Colour Picker
Crushed http://www.crushed.co.uk/ Graphic Design Studio Brighton based design studio - Full screen
Corey Arnold http://www.coreyfishes.com/ Photography pictures from the · sea · Crab Fishing Photos · Bering Sea · Arctic Photos ...
Creatives Unlimited http://www.creativesunlimited.com/ Graphic Design Portal LOTS OF LINKS
Central Design http://www.centraldesign.be Graphic Design Portal Central is a multi-disciplinary design studio
Carbon http://www.c6design.co.uk Graphic Design Agency London based agency - Large Print based portfolio
Company London http://www.company-london.com Graphic Design Portal London based multi-disciplinary design studio
Counter Print http://www.counter-print.co.uk/ Graphic Design Books International Online Print Sellers
Change the Thought http://www.changethethought.com/ Graphic Design Blog designer Christopher Cox - Blog & Work
C-C Chris Clark http://www.chris-clarke.co.uk Graphic Design Portfolio Good print work
Claire Hartley http://www.clairelouisehartley.co.uk/ Graphic Design Portfolio Cool Illustration & Branding - Birmingham  NEW  
Name URL Category Notes
Design By Build http://www.designbybuild.com Graphic Design Agency tDR Finest / SoYo
theDesignersRepublic http://www.thedesignersrepublic.com Graphic Design Agency Brain Aided Design from Shefield / London
Design Made by Germany http://www.designmadeingermany.de German Design Directory of Deutsch Grafik Design  NEW  
de-Construct http://www.de-construct.com Interactive Designers Flash Websites / A digital communications agency
Design is Kinky http://www.designiskinky.net Graphic Design Portal A digital publication. Profiles, mug shots, theory and galleries.
Daniel Eatock http://www.danieleatock.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio Portfolio
Design Chapel http://www.designchapel.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio New Website 2006!
Designer Shock http://www.designershock.com/ Graphic Design NeuBau / Stefan Gandl
D-Fuse http://www.dfuse.com Graphic Design Flash
Doener Berlin http://www.doenerberlin.de Trading Cards Berlin Trading cards
Dave White http://www.davewhite.me.uk/ Graphic Design Portfolio ilovedust
detroit underground http://www.detroitunderground.net/ Graphic Design Group Music
Die Gestalten Verlag http://www.die-gestalten.de/ Design Store Imprint · Home · Books · Non-Books · Fonts · Design Services ·
D5ive™ Third Edition http://www.d5ive.com/ Design Store Flash
My DED ass. *** http://www.dedass.com/ Graphic Design Agency DED Associates is an international design agency
Dhky:(V5) http://www.dhky.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio Rune Hogsberg, Denmark, Flash Design
Departures http://www.departuresdesign.com Graphic Design Agency Side Scroll
dstrukt http://www.dstrukt.com/ Graphic Design New website ****
Double Standards http://www.doublestandards.net German Design Berlin based design agency
Design Branch http://www.designbranch.co.uk/ Graphic Design Agency Newcastle Agency, books, magazines, annual reports, corporate branding / Flash
DMLA http://www.dlma.nl/ Dutch Design Studio DLMA - Rotterdams Communicatiebureau - Dutch Text
Design Charts http://www.designcharts.com/ Design Charts -Top 40 Flash Based Site Charting niche design sites - Linked to www.toxicdesignstudio.com
Danny Haines http://www.dannyhaines.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio Midlands based Web Designer
Dreibholz - Gaffa http://www.dreibholz.com Graphic Design Portfolio Paulus M. Dreibholz | Gaffa - Typography and Graphic Design. Print
Da Font http://www.dafont.com/ Font Database Archive of freely downloadable fonts
D Y S P L 0 7 http://dysplasii.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio DYSPLASII 2007 Currently looking for work, available for freelance.
Dowling Design http://www.dowlingdesign.co.uk/ Graphic Design Studio Newark based Design Studio - John Lewis Design work
dancemade™ http://www.dancemade.com Graphic Design Portfolio Jens Nilsson Portfolio
Design by Family http://www.designedbyfamily.com/ Graphic Design Agency Simple Flash site
Design by 2 Points http://www.designby.twopoints.net/ Graphic Design In English, Deutsch, Espanol. International Design.
Daniel Sans http://danielsans.net/index.php Graphic Design Portfolio Interesting work from Australian student, Daniel Sans
Detail http://www.detail.ie/ Graphic Design Studio Irish Design Studio - Simple Layout
Music http://www.designbymusic.com/ Graphic Design Studio Lots of Print Design work CR Cover August 2009
DixonBaxi http://www.dixonbaxi.com/ Creative Agency Clients include five TV
Design Judge http://designjudge.co.uk/ Graphic Design Portfolio Matt Judge - Web Portfolio
Dalziel & Pow http://www.dalziel-pow.co.uk/ Brand Consultants Clients include Next, Topshop, Primark, Currys
Design Project http://www.designproject.co.uk/ Graphic Design Studio Leeds based studio
Deep http://www.deep.co.uk/ Creative Agengy Strong Navigation Site
Design Unit http://www.designunit.dk/ Graphic Design Studio Mono colour Danish Design Website - Fashion
David Sparshott http://www.davidsparshott.com/ Illustration Strong Illustration website
Name URL Category Notes
Experimental Jetset http://www.experimentaljetset.nl Dutch Design Agency Online Archive of Amsterdam Graphic Design Unit Experimental Jetset
Eyefi http://www.eyefi.nl/ Interactive Design Agency Internet marketing, web applicaties and e-commerce. Netherlands
Eighthourday.com http://www.eighthourday.com/ Flash eighthourday is a boutique design shop from minneapolis, MN USA.
Engage Studio http://www.engagestudio.com/ Interactive Design Studio Flash Design
EBOY! http://hello.eboy.com/eboy/ Pixel Design Steffen Sauerteig, Svend Smital, Peter Stemmler and Kai Vermehr.
Elmwood http://www.elmwood.co.uk/ Graphic Design Studio Elmwood Design consultancy
Established & Sons http://www.establishedandsons.com/ Designers New Magizine Launched
Exergian http://www.exergian.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio Art Direction for Print and RGB Media
Evskion http://www.evskion.de Graphic Design Portfolio Dan Smith
Embryonicboy http://www.embryonicboy.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio Gary Curtis
Eskimo http://www.eskimodesign.com.au/ Graphic Design Agency Australian Design: Fashion Branding  NEW  
Emmanuel Rouzic http://www.emmanuelrouzic.com/ Photography Portfolio Portfolio of Emmanuel Rouzic, fashion photographer based in Madrid-Spain
Erwin Bauer/ http://www.erwinbauer.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio Portfolio of Erwin Bauer, designer based in Vienna
Effective http://www.effektivedesign.co.uk/ Graphic Design Portfolio Portfolio of scottish designer, Greig Anderson
Edgar Bak http://edgarbak.info Graphic Design Portfolio Same layout as TypeNeu
Eidon http://www.eidon.cat Spanish Graphic Design Catalonia Design - Java website
Name URL Category Notes
Form Design UK http://www.form.uk.com Graphic Design Agency Form is a London based graphic design agency specialising in the music industry
Flink http://www.flink.be Graphic Design Agency Graphic Design Agency / Flash
  http://www.feltgraphics.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio Online Portfolio
FL@33 Ltd http://www.flat33.com/ Graphic Design Agency Agathe Jacquillat + Tomi Vollauschek
Fallon London http://www.fallon.co.uk/ Design Agency Design London
Force Twelve http://www.forcetwelve.net Graphic Design Portfolio Australian, graphic design / Flash
  http://www.forumlauseurope.net/ Design Group Freedom Calls
Frost Design http://www.frostdesign.co.uk/ Design Agency Vince Frost Type / Flash
4RK http://www.fork.de/ Design Group Fork Unstable Media
FreeFarm http://www.freefarm.co.uk/ Graphic Design tDR Related / Gifs / Sound n music design
FontShop http://www.fontshop.com/ Store Large Collection of commercial Fonts
FameWhore http://famewhore.com/ Photography Great Photos. Full Bleed Flash
FormFiftyFive http://www.formfiftyfive.com/ Design Directory Design links & inspiration
FFFFound http://ffffound.com Design Directory Design links & inspiration
FontFabric http://fontfabric.com/ Typography Free & commercial Fonts  NEW  
Famous Visual Services http://www.famousvs.com/ Graphic Design Studio Melbourne, Australia - Flash portolio with lots of work - GreyTone
fivefootsix http://www.fivefootsix.co.uk Graphic Design Studio Flash Site - Strong Navigation & colours - Light
Found. http://www.foundassociates.com/ Photography Flash Site - Strong Navigation & colours - Dark
Fake is the New Real http://fakeisthenewreal.org Graphic Design Portfolio Niel Freeman - Interesting NYC Maps
Felix Lobelius http://www.felixlobelius.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio Flash Portfolio
Name URL Category Notes
Graphic Thought Facility http://www.graphicthoughtfacility.com Freelance Graphic Agency Freelance Graphic Agency - London - Work for M&S, Habitat, tate
GandB Printers http://www.gbprinters.co.uk Print Printers
Gradiate™ http://www.gradiate.co.uk/ Graphic Design Portfolio James Greenfield working at BB Saunders
GR/DD http://www.grdd.co.uk Graphic Design Agency Flash Site
Joost Grootens http://www.grootens.nl/ Design / Architecture Joost Grootens · Architectural design · Graphic design. Books
Graphik Boutique http://www.graphikboutique.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio Ben Miners showcase
GluFolio http://www.glufolio.co.uk/ Graphic Design Rode27 Style / Tez Humphreys / Ilustration
Grand People http://www.grandpeople.org Graphic Design Studio Based in Bergen, Norway
German Saez http://germansaezphoto.com Photography Freelance Photographer
Grafik Cache http://www.grafikcache.com Graphic Design Portal All things, Design based..
Graphical House http://www.graphicalhouse.co.uk/ Graphic Design Studio Interesting Flash based portfolio
Graphonic http://graphonic.co.uk/ Graphic Design Portal Ryan Hurley - Scrolling Javascript Navigation - Very good Favicon
Graphic Clinic http://www.graphicclinic.com/ Graphic Design Studio Good use of the colour red! - London Studio
Guapo http://www.guapo.tv/ Graphic Design Portal Flash website - Bodoni Lovers! Great use of music, type and layout - Argentina
Name URL Category Notes
Hyperkit http://www.hyperkit.co.uk Graphic Design Agency Hyperkit is a graphic design studio run by Tim Balaam and Kate Sclater.Lots of Photography
Hotel Fox http://www.hotelfox.dk Hotel Design Hotel Fox in central Copenhagen, Graphic Designed Rooms
Hello Monday http://www.hellomonday.net/ Flash Design Clever Flash Navigation - Danish  NEW  
Hi-ReS! http://www.hi-res.net Graphic Design Agency Hi-ReS! design consultancy / Flash
H O R T http://www.hort.org.uk/ Graphic Design German Designers
(hello) Muller http://www.hellomuller.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio (hello)Muller is an online catalogue of work by Belgian graphic designer Tom Muller.
Hydro 74 http://www.hydro74.com/ Graphic Design Illustration Free Downloads
Hello Chopper http://www.hellochopper.com Graphic Design Agency Book Design
Heuser Kampf http://www.heuserkampf.com/ Graphic Design Agency German Flash Designers *** Lots of work
Hans Gremmen http://www.hansgremmen.nl Dutch Design Portfolio with Print Based work
Hint Creative http://www.hintcreative.com/ Graphic Design Agency Design Agency based in Salt Lake City  NEW  
Name URL Category Notes
Inkunstruction http://www.inkunstruction.com Graphic Design Inkunstruction.com | the new website is now online! v3, web design by KALIMANE.COM.
The International Office http://the-international-office.com/ Graphic Design Agency Strong Print Based work - Side Scroll
Intro Design UK http://www.intro-uk.com/ Graphic Design Agency Graphic Design Agency / Flash/ St John street, London
Ivan Cook http://ivancook.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio Designer based in Austin, Texas
Insect http://www.insect.co.uk/ Graphic Design Small London-based design company specializing in youth oriented graphics,
I Love dust http://www.ilovedust.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio Based in Southsea
Ian Claridge http://www.iainclaridge.co.uk Graphic Design Portfolio Bristol based designer with a useful blog  NEW  
Identikal http://www.identikal.com/ Graphic Design Agency T26 Type Link
In the habit http://www.inthehabit.com/ Interactive Design Flash, cool. Black + cyan
Ice Cream for Free http://www.icecreamforfree.com/ Interactive Design ICE CREAM FOR FREE™ is a berlin based design studio - oliver wiegner
ICO design http://www.icodesign.co.uk/ Graphic Design Agency As Featured in Grafik Oct 07
Isabelle Gehrmann http://www.isabelle-gehrmann.de Graphic Design Portfolio Isabelle Gehrmann - Grafik-Design | Mainz.
Inka Jarvinen http://www.inkajarvinen.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio including posters, t shirts and screen prints
Name URL Category Notes
JG4B http://www.jg4b.com/ Bikini Store Designer Underwear
James Day http://www.jamesdayphoto.com/ Photography Great Flash Website & photography
James Windsor http://www.jameswindsor.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio Nice Print work - Currently working at Blast.co.uk - Personal Portfolio
Jeff Toll http://www.jeffdoedesign.com Design Blog Wordpress Blog  NEW  
Jeffreydocherty.com http://www.jeffreydocherty.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio Personal Portfolio
Jonathanpuckey.com http://www.jonathanpuckey.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio Personal Portfolio
Jukes David http://www.julesdavid.com Graphic Design Dutch based ?
Joe Kral http://www.joekral.org Graphic Design Joe Kral, a Graphic Designer / Typeface Designer San Francisco, CA.
Jack Crossing http://www.jackcrossing.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio Work by Jack Crossing
Jason Mayo http://www.jasonmayo.co.uk/ Graphic Design Portfolio Manchester based designer, Jason Mayo
Joshua Distler http://www.joshuadistler.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio Different Navigation Style - Javascript
James Delaney http://www.jamiedelaney.com// Graphic Design Portfolio Nice print work
James Warfield http://www.jameswarfield.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio See also Un.titled - Creative Director - Flash Site
Name URL Category Notes
Keeps Me Sane http://www.keepsmesane.co.uk Graphic Design Portfolio Freelance Graphic Design / Darren Firth see http://www.hellovon.com - MADE by SIX
Konstuct.de http://www.svenkils.de/issue_03 Graphic Design Portfolio Sven Kils, Graphic- & Media-Design, Online Portfolio 2001-2005.
K10K http://www.k10k.net/ Graphic Design Portal The Designers Lunchbox
Kleber http://kleber.net/ Interactive Design Flash website builders - Sheffield - New Site 2009
Kidnap Your designer http://www.kidnapyourdesigner.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio Clean Design
Kingston http://www.kingston.se Swedish Design Swedish based Graphic Design / Simple Layout
Kuchenbeiser http://www.kuchenbeiser.de/ German Design Atelier Bernd Kuchenbeiser / Editorial Design
Ken Meier http://kenmeier.info/ Graphic Design Portfolio New York based Graphic Designer
HelloKarpa™ http://www.hellokarpa.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio HelloKarpa™ - The work of David Carvalho
Klas Ernflo http://www.klasherbert.com Graphic Design Portfolio Book Covers & Fashion Spreads
KentLyons http://www.kentlyons.com/ Design Agency Full bleed Falsh Site - Simple white layout
Killahgrafikz http://portfolio.killahgrafikz.com/ Digital Design Portfolio Kevin Hsieh - Excellent Digital Minisites  NEW  
Name URL Category Notes
LiveSurface http://www.livesurface.com Images Shift LiveSurface Layered Image Library.
Left http://www.leftstudio.co.uk/ Graphic Design Portfolio Portfolio of Jon Lord
Less Rain http://www.lessrain.com/ Interactive Design Portfolio lessrain less rain interactive media multi media interface design
Lets Kiosk http://www.letskiosk.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio David Bailey former tDR
Lo/Fi http://www.lo-fi.co.uk/ Graphic Design Portfolio Lo/Fi : a site by Cardiff based designer Matthew James.
Lance Wyman http://www.lancewyman.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio NYC Based Designer
Lamosca http://www.lamosca.com/ Graphic Design Studio Lamosca SCCL is a graphic design studio from Barcelona (Spain-Europe).La Mosca.
LardDesigns™ http://www.larddesigns.com Graphic Design Portfolio Print & Interactive / Flash
LOVE http://www.lovemag.com.ar/ Magazine Flash
Line to http://www.lineto.com/ Font Type Designer Typefaces
LeftLoft http://www.leftloft.com Italian Design Milan / Lots of Portfolio work
L2M3 Kommunikationsdesign http://www.l2m3.com/ Graphic Design Studio Stuttgart / In German / Simple Layout, Clean / Large portfolio
Letterlabor v3.0 http://www.letterlabor.de/ Type A neutral typeface
Letters & Numbers http://www.letters-numbers.com/ Graphic Design Studio Nike Euro 2008 T Shirts - Interesting Javascript Navigation
LeGarconBleu http://www.legarconbleu.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio Sebastian Gram: Currently work at Hello Monday (Danish Studio)
Name URL Category Notes
Misprinted Type http://www.misprintedtype.com Type Design Portfolio Typefaces from Brazil
MLC http://www.manhattanloft.co.uk/ Property Designed by Matt Pyke
Mike Mcquade http://mikemcquade.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio Clever Javascript  NEW  
Mode-Online http://www.mode-online.co.uk/ Graphic Design Agency graphic design consultancy
Made Thought http://www.madethought.com/ Graphic Design Agency New Website
MUSA http://www.musacollective.com/ Graphic Design Group From Portugal to Everywhere.
Magpie http://magpie-studio.com/ Graphic Design Studio Good use of the letter M
MeBox™ http://www.mebox.co.uk/ Store GTF Designed
Me Plus you http://www.meplusyousthlm.com Graphic Design Portfolio CV Flash / Emil K. Olsson, Sweden SEE: http://www.mono-case.com/
Martin Rae. http://martin.72dpi.ee/ Graphic Design Portfolio CV Martin Rae.
Mezzetty http://www.mezzetty.com/ Photography Portfolio Work by Martin Donnelly - Editoral Fashion Photography  NEW  
Mark Boyce http://www.markboyce.com Graphic Design Portfolio Very Simple layout
MASA.com http://www.masa.com.ve Design Agency Flash Website / Latino design
Manual Creative http://manualcreative.com Design Portfolio Work by Tom Crabtree - Good CSS - San Francisco  NEW  
Markus Dressen http://www.microtyp.org Graphic Design Portfolio Markus Dressen / presentation of work powered by google maps
Made by Made http://www.madebymade.no Graphic Design Agency Norwegian Design. Use of Block Type & Music Sleeves
Matt Stuart http://www.mattstuart.com Photography Portfolio of Street, candid, real life photography
MultiAdaptor http://www.multiadaptor.com Graphic Design Agency Interesting Flash site
Manifiesto futura http://www.manifiestofutura.com Design Agency Latino Design
Made by SIX http://www.madebysix.com Graphic Design Agency Lots of Print based work - Flash Site
Mutabor http://www.mutabor.de/ Digital web Agency German web designers - Flash
Bureau Mirko Borsche http://www.mirkoborsche.com/ Graphic Design Animated GIFS - Publications - Germany
Mark http://www.markstudio.co.uk/ Graphic Design Agency Full Bleed Flash - Manchester Inspired
Marius Hofstede http://www.mariushofstede.nl/ Graphic Design Portfolio Dutch Freelance Designer - Print Work
Myton Williams http://www.myttonwilliams.co.uk/ Graphic Design Studio Design Studio in Bath - See http://magpie-studio.com
Make http://www.make.dk/ Branding consultancy Danish Designers - Clean website
M / A / S / H http://www.mashdesign.com.au/ Graphic Design Studio Australian Designers - Pixel Style homepage
Mike White http://www.mikewhitedesign.co.uk/ Graphic Design Portfolio Clean Layout
Marko Puclin http://www.moamoa.org/ Graphic Design Studio German Flash Design - Left Right Click through
Name URL Category Notes
Neu Bau Berlin http://www.neubauberlin.com German Design Agency Screen. Print. Video & Typography, designed by Stefan Gandl with NeubauLaden.
Non-Format http://www.non-format.com Graphic Design Agency Ekhornforrss / Non-Format is an Anglo-Scandinavian creative direction & design team.
NavyBlue Design http://www.navyblue.com Graphic Design Agency Print / 3d / Digital
No allegiances http://www.noallegiances.com/ Graphic Design Group Scandinavian Group / Portal
NB: Studio http://www.nbstudio.co.uk Graphic Design Agency NB: Studio is a graphic design consultancy based in London.
North Design http://www.northdesign.co.uk/ Graphic Design Agency Graphic Design Agency / London
New Graphic http://www.newgraphic.ie/ Graphic Design Agency Irish Design Agency  NEW  
Net Diver http://www.netdiver.net Graphic Design Portal Netdiver is a digital culture magazine and new media design portal. Feed your eyes!
Not To Scale http://www.nottoscale.tv/ Production London based production company specialising in creating; 2D & 3D animation,
Nothing Diluted http://www.nothingdiluted.com/ Graphic Design Agency See also http://www.neutura.org  NEW  
Neue Grafik http://www.neuegrafik.de/ Graphic Design German Flash Static / USOD website
Neo http://www.neo2.es/ Magazine Spanish Lifestyle Mag
Nest.co.uk http://www.nest.co.uk/ Design Store Built by Kleber?
Negro ™ http://www.negronouveau.com Freelance Designer Argentinean Designer  NEW  
NODE http://www.nodeberlin.com Graphic Design NODE is a Berlin and Oslo based design studio, founded by Anders Hofgaard
Neuarmy http://www.neuarmy.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio Ryan Katrina // *** http://www.neuarmy.com/neus/naneus.htm ***
NMO Design http://www.nmodesign.co.uk/ Photography Nima Falatoori, London
Network Osaka http://www.networkosaka.com Graphic Design Portfolio Strong index page - Information Graphics  NEW  
Name URL Category Notes
ODD http://www.thankodd.com/ Graphic Design Agency London based studio
OPX http://www.opx.co.uk Graphic Design London based studio
Official Classic http://www.officialclassic.com/ EPS & Vectors Budapest - Mark Zador and Attila Horvath. Neu Bau Style EPS & Vector
OK-RM http://www.ok-rm.co.uk/ Graphic Designers (Oliver Knight & Rory McGrath) - 3 Panel Layout
Out-of-paper http://out-of-paper.ch/ Graphic Designer Swiss Graphic Design
Open http://www.open-comms.com/ Graphic Design Agency Design Agency in Bristol
Name URL Category Notes
ps2 http://www.ps2.com.br Design Agency Brazil Based - Portfolio page
PlastikKid http://www.plastickid.dk Graphic Design Portfolio Portfolio of Graphic Design artist Jakob Printzlau / Rodeo27 kobenhavn, copenhagen
Pioneer10 http://www.pioneer10.com Graphic Design Portfolio Pioneer10 is the personal web space of Duane King, creative director at BBDK
precious-forever http://www.precious-forever.com/ German Design Based in Hamburg
Parent Design http://www.parentdesign.co.uk Graphic Design Agency New Website Being Built
Patrick Monkel http://www.patrickmonkel.nl/ Graphic Design Portfolio Dutch Designer  NEW  
Poke London http://www.pokelondon.com/ Graphic Design Agency Digital marketing agency
Pentagram http://www.pentagram.com Graphic Design Agency Worldwide Agency
Plan-B Studio http://www.plan-bstudio.com/ Graphic Design Agency Design + Art Direction, Music Design
Peter Funch http://www.peterfunch.com/ Photography Design by Adopt
Peter Sunna http://www.petersunna.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio NYC Based Designer
pleaseletmedesign™ http://www.pleaseletmedesign.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio Photograpy Bg
Proud Creative http://www.proudcreative.com/ Graphic Design Studio multidisciplinary design studio based in London
Purienna http://www.purienne.com/ Photography Henrik Purienne
Peter & paul http://www.peterandpaul.co.uk Design Agency Creative Communications Practise
projekttriangle.com http://www.projekttriangle.com/ Graphic Design Studio German Language. Stuttgart Based Agency
Pam et Jenny http://www.pametjenny.be/ Graphic Design Studio Nathalie Pollet, DesignLab
PDF Mags http://www.pdf-mags.com/ Magazines Design, photo, art and other pdf magazines
Name URL Category Notes
Qube Konstrukt http://www.qubekonstrukt.com Design Agency Design Agency, Victoria, Australia
Name URL Category Notes
Hans Renzler http://www.renzler.net/ Graphic Design Portfolio Hans Renzler / Germany
Richardson Mag http://www.richardsonmag.com Photography Portfolio Over 18s Only !
Robin Uleman http://www.robinuleman.nl/ Dutch Design Flash  NEW  
Rose Design http://www.rosedesign.co.uk Graphic Design Agency Flash
Rinzen http://www.rinzen.com Graphic Design Portfolio NBB related?
Roanne Adams http://www.roanneadams.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio Roanne Adams Design
Rick Molloy http://www.rickmolloy.com/ Photography Portfolio
Ragnar Freyr http://www.ragnarfreyr.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio Ragnar Freyr is a designer from Reykjavik, Iceland, currently living in Michigan
Rhett Dashwood http://rhettdashwood.com.au/ Graphic Design Portfolio Australian Designer, Melbourne - Google Alphabet  NEW  
Ropp.nl http://www.ropp.nl Graphic Design Portfolio Dutch Design / Ropp Schouten / Clear layout
RGB6 http://www.rbg6.se/ Graphic Design Portfolio Swedish Freelance Designer
RoAndCo http://www.roandcostudio.com/ Design Portal Categories include: Audio, Code, Fashion, Illustration, Paint, Photography
RGB© http://www.rgbstudio.co.uk/ Graphic Design Portfolio Portfolio of Rob Brearley: Graphic designer based in Leeds UK
Reform & Revolution / R? http://reformrevolution.com Design Portal Categories include: Audio, Code, Fashion, Illustration, Paint, Photography
RedKroft http://redkroft.com Graphic Design Portfolio Polish Graphic Design Portfolio
Red&Grey http://www.redandgreydesign.ie/ Graphic Design Studio Red&Grey Design are a visual communications company based in Dublin.
Ramon Marin http://www.ramonmarin.co.uk/ Graphic Design Studio Work includes, British Airways, Levis, Nike  NEW  
Name URL Category Notes
Sanderson Bob http://www.sandersonbob.com Graphic Design Agency Former tDR - Clients
Studio Output http://www.studio-output.com/ Graphic Design Agency Nottingham & London / work for USC, BBC Radio
Sennep http://www.sennep.com Flash Design Studio Large Flash Portfolio
Sea Design http://www.seadesign.co.uk Graphic Design Agency Work Includes: EMI, Jamie Oliver, Kew, Grafik etc / NEW WEBSITE
Saturday London http://www.saturday-london.com Graphic Design Agency New Site
SRF.STN http://www.surfstation.lu Design Portal Articles, news, interviews, galleries and a database
Spin http://www.spin.co.uk/ Graphic Design Agency Flash / New Site
Sannepeper http://www.sannepeper.nl/ Dutch Book Dutch Book
Stoav Graphics http://www.stoav.be/ Belguim Graphic Design New Website
Suicide Girls http://suicidegirls.com/ Design Goth Porn!
Stuart Hobday Notebook http://www.stuarthobday.info Graphic Design Blog The notebook/blog of Stuart Hobday  NEW  
Serial Cut™ http://www.serialcut.com/ Graphic Design Portal Ezine + Graphic Design +Illustration - New Java based site 2009
Segura-inc.com http://www.segura-inc.com/ Graphic Design Agency Print advertising, identity, packaging, and new media design. Based in Chicago.
Salt Design http://www.saltdesign.org.uk Graphic Design Agency Salt is a London based creative design agency
Smiling Wolf http://www.smilingwolf.co.uk/ Graphic Design Agency Liverpool based design agency - Good structure (Flash)  NEW  
Studio Small http://studiosmall.com/ Design Agency London Based Agengy
Sonic Boom http://www.sonicboom.com/ Interactive Agency New Website
Samuel Bebbington http://www.samuelbebbington.co.uk/ Graphic Design Portfolio Graphic Designer
SBaldwin http://www.sbaldwin.co.uk/ Graphic Design Portfolio Freelance Designer
Simple Records http://www.simplerecords.co.uk/ Music Label Flash / Gedel
Stuff by me http://www.streamhub.com/ Flash Design Portfolio Jeff Kim / Build Index
SubDisc http://www.subdisc.com/ - - - New Site for 2007
Studio8 http://www.studio8design.co.uk/ Graphic Design Agency New Site coming soon
Sven Kils: Portfolio ™ http://www.svenkils.de/issue_03/ Graphic Design Portfolio Sven Kils, Graphic- & Media-Design, Online Portfolio 2001-2005. Layout.
Sam's Home http://www.sammallett.com Graphic Design Portfolio Flash / Graphic Design Portfolio
SCROLLAN http://www.scrollan.de/ Graphic Design Agency Flash / Graphic Design Agency in German
Studio Newwork http://www.studionewwork.com Design Agency Lots of Fashion, Serif based print work  NEW  
Suprb http://suprb.net/suprb.swf Graphic Design Blog Andreas Pihlstrom, Suprb
The Serif http://www.theserif.com/ Graphic Design Blog The Serif - Your daily dose of design inspiration - The Serif
Ser-vice is good http://serviceisgood.com/ Graphic Design Studio Stuttgart & Berlin graphic Deign Studio - Holding page
Surface http://www.surface.de/ Graphic Design Studio See Vast Agency
Stolen http://www.stolen.la/ Graphic Design Studio Los Angeles based Studio
Stockholm Design Lab http://www.stockholmdesignlab.se Graphic Design Agency Based in Sweden. Founded 1998, by Bjorn Kusoffsky & Thomas Eriksson
South South West http://www.southsouthwest.com.au/ Graphic Design Agency Founded by Adam Gibson, Jonathan Price & Andy Sargent, Melbourne
Soul Surrender http://www.soulsurrender.com/ Graphic Design Agency Work of Jenny Karlsson. Web design.
Ser-vice is good http://www.serviceisgood.com/ T Shirt Design Designed T Shirts
Stylo Design http://www.stylodesign.co.uk Graphic Design Agency Large selection of web & print based design - Lage Branding Portfolio
Studio Small http://studiosmall.com/ Design Agency London Based Agengy
Skinny Ships http://skinnyships.com/ Freelance Designer Richard Perez, San Francisco
Seven7ero http://www.sevenzero.co.uk/ Freelance Designer The online portfolio of Gary Austin
Soul Ellis http://www.soulellis.com/ Branding New York
Sampson May http://www.sampsonmay.com/ Graphic Design Agency London Based Agengy  NEW  
Something Somewhere http://www.something-somewhere.com/ Design Agency Jon Eley, Richard Bell,  NEW  
Name URL Category Notes
Thirteen Design http://www.thirteen.co.uk Graphic Design Studio Flash Site
This Studio http://www.this-studio.co.uk/ Graphic Design Portfolio Martyn James Brooks_Promotional material. / Side Scroll
TwelveTen http://www.twelveten.com Graphic Design Studio Graphic design, multimedia and the internet. Nottingham
This is True North http://www.thisistruenorth.co.uk/ Graphic Design Studio Long Flash Intro
Tom Munkton http://www.tommunckton.co.uk/ Graphic Design Portfolio New Updates Nov 08
Tonky http://www.tonky.fr/ Graphic Design Portfolio Tonky, designer graphique francais, print, web, photos, music.
Toby Cane http://www.tobycane.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio Clean Layout
Tnop™/® http://www.tnop.com Berlin Graphic Portfolio Tnop™(Tee-Nop) is Tnop Wangsillapakun, a Chicago-based freelance designer.
Tim Sinclair http://timsinclair.co.uk/ Photograhy Photography Portfolio
Toman-Design http://www.toman-design.com Graphic Design Portfolio Czech Based Flash Portfolio
two create™ http://www.twocreate.co.uk Designers Flash Based SIte / 2d & 3d Designers. Clean Simple Layout
Turnstyle http://turnstylestudio.com/ Graphic Design Agency Turnstyle is located in Seattle - Flash Website.
the Consult http://www.theconsult.com/ Graphic Design Agency Design agency based in Leeds  NEW  
Ten Mental http://www.tenmetal.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio Paul Wagner (Berlin, Germany)
Type Fabrik http://typefabric.ch/ Graphic Design Blog Swiss Design Blog and work (German)-  NEW  
Hub http://www.thehubagency.com/ Design Agency Flash Site. Studio in London & Glasgow
TOKO http://www.toko.nu Design Agency Designers Based in Sydney & Tokoyo
Toormix http://www.toormix.com/ Design Agency Art direction and graphic design, based in Barcelona. New updates
The Grid Creative http://www.thegridcreative.com/ Design Agency Clever Self Promotion  NEW  
This is Daniel http://www.thisisdaniel.no/ Graphic Design Portfolio Daniel Andreas Tveiten - Holidesign Norway
HelloMe http://www.tillwiedeck.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio German based designer, Till Weideck TW
Typo/graphic posters http://www.typographicposters.com/ Directory of Type Plenty of type related posters! -
The Luxury of Protest http://theluxuryofprotest.com/ Freelance Designer Peter Crnokrak,Work includes Hopeful Voyeur, Joy Divsion poster
Name URL Category Notes
Unfolding Forms http://www.unfoldingforms.com Flash Design See Also: Eight Hour Day
Universal Everything http://www.universaleverything.com Graphic Design Agency tDR Related
Un.titled http://www.un.titled.co.uk/ Graphic Design Agency Graphic identity, web design, multimedia & print. http://www.balancemarketing.co.uk/
United States of Design http://www.unitedstatesofdesign.com/ Graphic Design Portfolio For everyday stuff visit the USoD Blog
Name URL Category Notes
Vasava http://www.vasava.es Graphic Design Agency Graphic Design / Barcelona Based Group
Vast Agency http://www.thevastagency.com/ Graphic Design Agency Flash Website / Based Leeds - New Update Summer 2009
ViaGrafik http://www.vgrfk.com/ Graphic Design Group German Design
vcommunications.co.uk http://www.vcommunications.co.uk/ Interactive Design Online Web Designers
Viaduct http://www.viaduct.co.uk/ Store Furniture Shop
Vilderness http://www.vilderness.com/ Store Full bleed Photo / Layout
Visual Complexity http://www.visualcomplexity.com Information Design A visual exploration on mapping complex ...
Name URL Category Notes
Wear it with Pride http://www.wearitwithpride.com Badges Badge Design
Wallzo http://www.wallzo.com/ Graphic Design Music Design
Woophy http://www.woophy.com Photography Dutch based. Woophy is a free online photo database of the world.
Wotadot http://www.wotadot.com/ Graphic Design all work by Ana Vicente and Ivan Richards.
Why Not Associates http://www.whynotassociates.com/ Design Agency Famous London Design Agency
Webfactory ® http://www.webfactory.ie/ Graphic Design Portfolio Web & Digital Design Studio based in Ireland
We Recommend http://www.werecommend.se/ Grapgic Design Agency Swedish Designer
Name URL Category Notes
Xpaider http://www.xpaider.com Design Portal Spainish Design Portal
Name URL Category Notes
YouWorkForThem http://www.youworkforthem.com Design Store Graphic Design, Architecture, Art, books, magazines, fonts
You Are Beautiful http://www.youarebeautiful.co.uk/ Type / Graphic Design typography / design / illustration
YES http://www.yesstudio.co.uk/ Graphic Design Studio Simple Layout
We are Young http://www.weareyoung.co.uk/ Graphic Design Studio Simple Layout / Strong CSS  NEW  
Your Majesty http://www.your-majesty.com Design Agency New York & Stockholm
Name URL Category Notes
Zip Design http://www.zipdesign.co.uk Graphic Design Agency Music Specialist / Flash
Zum Kuckuck http://www.zumkuckuck.com Graphic Design Portfolio German Designer - Simple clean layout (Flash)  NEW  
Name URL Category Notes
180 Amsterdam http://www.180amsterdam.com/ Graphic Design Agency An International agency based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
8020 Studio http://www.8020studio.com/ Design Agency San Francisco & New York
5Finger http://www.5finger.de/ Music Photography Club Photos
123 Buero http://www.123buero.com/news.php Photography Portfolio
5 Inch http://www.5inch.com/ CD design Cd Design & Packaging
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