13.05.12 / 16.05.12


Another year, another country!

With what would turn out to be our last holiday as the pair of us, (Clare being 5 months pregnant), we headed off to the small but beautiful nation of Slovenia.
Being situated so close to Italy and Austria, it’s easy to see their influences on the capital. The years of Slavic union have also enhanced the fabric of the place, giving it a unique feel of a city on a crossroads. The laid back quiet confidence of the streets, ensured a perfect summer city getaway.
Having thrown off the shackles of the Yugoslav, Hapsburg and Italian control and influence, the charms of Slovenia can now be enjoyed under their own merits and stand equal to anything the regions has to offer.
Riverwalk //
Having quickly relieved ourselves of our suitcases we headed off for a early evening walk along the river banks, to get our bearings.
Sunday Night
Sunday Night //
Having tried to eat a pizza four times the size of my head, we headed for a late evening stroll… and an obligatory ice cream and coffee to wash it down
Dragon Bridge //
Legend has it the tail of the dragon wags when a virgin crosses the bridge. Needless to say it never moved an inch, despite half of Ljubljana’s commuters crossing! Promiscuous society perhaps?
Old Town //
Ljubljana exudes an air of quiet self-confidence, at ease with itself despite its diminutive size and turbulent history.
Castle //
The Castle dominates the City landscape, peering down and keeping watch over its citizen’s at the heart of town.
Capital Views //
The Castle offers spectacular views of the capital and the surrounding countryside including the distant mountains to the north.
Ljubljana at Night //
As a riverside town, the local authorities have made sure they get the best of the buildings, lighting the historic buildings wonderfully.
Boat Trip //
Having caught the bus to Lake Bled, we made a hand oared boat trip across the waters to the island with the church.
Lake Bled //
It’s easy to see why Tito once had a holiday home here. Similar too Austria, which is not surprising considering the short distance to the border, the town has a tranquil spa like feel to it.
Tivoli //
Having wondered the town of Bled we made our way to Tivoli Gardens to enjoy the Spring sunshine.
Streetfood //
Personally favourites included Burek, a type of fried mince pasty and the chocolate and nut crepes!
Contemporary History Museum //
Having long been interested in the Yugoslav conflict, the Contemporary Modern History museum eloquently put across Slovenia’s part in the recent struggles.