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Idus Martias
Firenze Pisa Lucca Siena
Florence Highlights
- Ponte Vecchio
- The Duomo
- The Uffizi
Pisa Highlights
- The Leaning Tower
- Piazza del Duomo
- The Old Town
Lucca Highlights
- Piazza Anfiteatro
- The many Towers!
- San Michele in Foro.
Siena Highlights
- Piazza del Campo
- The Catherdral
- Torre del Mangia

Better than expected
The views from the Michelangelo piazza - worth climbing at every time of the day for a photo.

Worth Seeing, Not worth going to see
Not really a 'seeing thing' but the waffles were a siren in disguise. Despite their attractive aroma, the cost of €8 each somewhat spoilt their otherwise delicious taste.

Better than expected
The old town of Pisa is often overlooked but is full of charm in its own right. That said, the Tower is every bit as impressive as it appears in photographs. It was helped by a brilliant blue sky for a backdrop though!

Worth Seeing, Not worth going to see
The Queue for the tower!

Better than expected
The whole town - Even the train station wasnt without its charm! The tiny backstreets are even more chlostraphobic than Siena!

Worth Seeing, Not worth going to see
NA - A true Italian Gem - Off the tourist map and full of Tuscan charm. You could wonder the back streets to your hearts content!

Better than expected
The views from the Torre del Mangia. Stunning views of the rolling hills of Tuscany.

Worth Seeing, Not worth going to see
Not much really - Siena was very good although much as I had imagined it to be. Very quaint, full of historical charm and teaming in tourists!

Pisa Airport Palazzo Vecchio at Night The Bell Tower, Florence
Statues Door Detail The statues in front of the Palazzo Vecchio. Dan & Clare by the Arno
River Arno Reflections Ponte Vecchio
View of Florence Michelangelo's statue David Michelangelo Piazza
Streets near the Belvedere
de' Medici Palace Brdige Statue Via de' Tornabuoni / Via degli Strozzi Santa Maria Novella
Florence Market Bell Tower Duomo Piazza della Repubblica, Florence
Ponte Vecchio at Night Pisa Train Station Pisa Town
River Arno, Pisa Clare being a tourist! Piazza del Duomo
Leaning Tower of Pisa Italian Law & order Dan posing
FC Pisa Piazza del Duomo Clare at Lunch
Lucca Train Station Lucca
Piazza Anfiteatro. Lucca View of Lucca
Duomo at sunset
Painting in Siena Torre del Mangia, Siena
Piazza Del Campo The Cathedral of Siena
Piazza Del Campo Piazza Del Campo Piazza Del Campo Ill Campo The Cathedral of Siena
Bell Tower Piazza Del Campo Siena Backstreets
Fountain of Neptune Siena Backstreets
Fountain of Neptune Perseus With the Head of Medusa Ponte Vecchio
Dan at Dinner Ice cream time again
On the Ponte Vecchio View from the Ponte Vecchio Via Maffia Backstreet Florentine shop
Duomo from above View of Florence View from the Bell Tower
Italian Scooters Basilica of Santa Croce, Florence
Florence at Night
Italian transport Clare points the way Inside the Duomo Dan blending in...
Clare look suspisiously at 'Italian Fast Food' Italian Bus Time to go home...
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